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Filmed in front of a live JAXConf audience

Amazon Web Services and PaaS – Enterprise Java for the Cloud Era?

In this code-rich session from JAXConf 2013, aimed at architects and developers, Mark Prichard of CloudBees will show how you can: 1) pass Amazon security credentials and configuration parameters to PaaS applications at run-time to provide customized environments 2) use JDBC and Amazon RDS (Relational Data Service) to provide resilient and performant relational data services 3) replace JMS queues and topics with Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) and SNS (Simple Notification Service) to develop cloud-based messaging applications 4) use Amazon’s SES (Simple Email Service) from Java applications. Filmed by Marakana –

Filmed in front of a live JAXConf audience

Learn All About the Netflix OSS Cloud

Ever wondered how Netflix does it? Join Carl Quinn, former manager of their Engineering Cloud Tools Team, for an overview of the cloud architecture that helps the behemoth site run. Carl explains how they use existing Amazon Web Services features to improve the manageability of cloud objects before rattling through some of Netflix’s open source tools. They include: deployment web interface Asgard, live configuration manager Archaius, the Eureka service registry for load balancing, Netflix’s application monitoring library Servo, AWS object lifecycle logger Edda and client-side framework Odin. Carl also shows us the Simian Army – a number of critters tasked with keeping the whole thing in check. Filmed by Marakana –