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The DevOps to AIOps journey and its future

The demand for DevOps continues to grow. As IT infrastructures become more complex, the resources to efficiently manage them grow increasingly important. What’s the next stop on its journey? The next evolution for addressing IT challenges is AIOps—the application of machine learning (ML) and data science to solve IT operational problems.

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You can’t see a black swan without AIOps

A ‘black swan’ is a random, unexpected event with monumental impact, either good or bad. In the IT world, a black swan can lead to deep reflection—but also to broad generalizations based on incomplete data. AIOps can help and Ravi Lachhman explains how.

AIOps implementation in the enterprise

New study explores AIOps business value and challenges

When it comes to AIOps, IT leaders are still experimenting with its implementation and use cases. A new report from OpsRamp concludes that a majority of IT leaders in the United States are happy with the value that AIOps tools provide. However, teams still face a number of challenges in the enterprise.

What is the economic value of AI and AIOps?

In this article, Will Cappelli explains why any business that does not deploy AI will either be afflicted with making really terrible decisions or being drowned by the fixed costs of making good decisions.

Five essential steps to prepare for AIOps

AIOps holds out the promise of delivering to busy CIOs and sysadmins the sort of AI support they need to make sense of the ever-growing complexity of their IT environments. However, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you plunge into AIOps. Jiayi Hoffman, a data science architect at OpsRamp, goes over the five essential steps to prepare for AIOps.

What is the relationship between AI and IoT?

The impact of social AI on the Internet of Things

With IoT, you are giving devices, vehicles, buildings the ability to host algorithms and perform functions which can only be driven by software. Therefore, AI software is a must when you need to handle the complexity of the Internet of Things. In this article, Will Cappelli explores two major intersections of AI and IoT.

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