System Automation Solution rPath now with Open Source Support


Data centre automation tool vendor rPath have announced the immediate interoperability of the open source configuration management tools Puppet, Cfengine and Chef; and its own system automation solution.

rPath now supports open source configuration tools in two ways. Firstly, it supports side-by-side interoperability where rPath manages operating system, middleware and application software while the open source configuration tool manages configuration files.  Secondly, rPath deploys and manages configuration tool scripts, managing the scripts under version control and alongside software system manifests.

rPath also plans to deliver native support for configuration management by mid-year. This support will include a configuration management engine as part of the company’s new Project Javelin roadmap. Project Javelin aims to provide a fully version controlled data centre automation solution. 

Interoperability with the open source configuration management tools is effective immediately. Please see the rPath press release for more information.


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