Symbian Platform Is Now Open Source


The Symbian Foundation have announced that the smartphone operating system, Symbian, is now completely open source. The entire Symbian 3 platform’s 33 million lines of source code are now available under the Eclipse public license. The Symbian Foundation had originally planned to complete the open source conversion by June 2010. Symbian is the most widely used open platform; it is used in 46% of smartphones worldwide.

“Whoever you are, you can look at the source and see how it works: You can experiment with it, you can try your own ideas and, most significantly, you can be part of the Symbian community,” reads a statement posted on the Symbian website.

Symbian have also posted a video introduction highlighting the key features of the Symbian platform now open to developers.

The code is available as a platform divided into 12 technology domains. Each technology domain is further subdivided into packages 148, each of which contains a collection of components.