Symbian Websites Closes Doors

Symbian Foundation Websites Go Dark on 17th December

Jessica Thornsby

Symbian Foundation to release website content on DVD?

After it was announced that the Symbian Foundation would transition from the role of non-profit organisation, and become a legal entity focused on software licensing and intellectual property, it has been revealed that the Symbian Foundation websites will shut down on 17th December. Source repositories will cease to be available and the Symbian Foundation will no longer host the source or the kits. However, according to the announcement, the team are working to ensure “most of the content” will continue to be accessible in some form, for example a DVD or USB which Symbian fans will request from the Symbian Foundation. Please note that this content will not be distributable before 31st January 2011, and a charge may be required for the media and shipping. Some of the user-submitted content databases will also be available upon request, again, by contacting the Foundation. The news that the Symbian Foundation is effectively closing its doors, didn’t come as a major surprise to the community, with some believing the open sourcing effort was doomed from the start.

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