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Sustainable Continuous Delivery: Patterns for rapid and reliable releases

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continuous delivery

Today we pay close attention to scaling our systems, testing for chaos, and reducing MTTR (mean time to repair) in production. Yet our continuous delivery pipelines don’t get nearly as much love. This talk presents tried and tested patterns for increasing accelerating delivery of changes in a safe manner.

Manuel Pais also tries to solve the mystery of what sustainable Continuous Delivery is. Everyone wants to go faster but they also want to do it more safely, so they’re cramming more and more activities into the pipeline, from security controls to database changes, to compliance approvals, soon networking… How can we do this AND still move fast AND avoid burning out teams with all this cognitive load? In his session at DevOps Conference earlier this year, Manuel Pais tried to find out!

After watching this talk, you will have learned about:

  • Patterns to ensure the reliability of your pipelines and make application changes safer.
  • Smart patterns to accelerate delivery, such as continuous pruning and short path to production.
  • How to sustain your CI/CD adoption growth with key practices like immutable delivery system.


continuous deliveryManuel Pais is a DevOps and Delivery Consultant focused on teams and flow. Manuel helps organizations adopt test automation and continuous delivery, as well as understand DevOps from both technical and human perspectives. Co-author of the books “Team Guide to Software Releasability“ by Conflux Digital and “Team Topologies” by IT Revolution Press.

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