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SUSE Stand By LibreOffice and Document Foundation

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Apache Solr 3.2 and JSON Activity Stream Spec now online.

SUSE Stand By LibreOffice

SUSE have posted a statement regarding Oracle’s proposal to contribute OpenOffice to the Apache Software Foundation. SUSE state that they appreciate Oracle’s decision, saying that “donating Open Source software and associated trademarks to an independent organization is always a positive,” but they would have preferred this contribution – and potential future contributions – to go directly to LibreOffice. They plan to continue their investment in LibreOffice and The Document Foundation, and have already migrated their existing customers to LibreOffice. They will continue to add new subscription customers for LibreOffice.

“We also encourage the Apache Software Foundation and The Document Foundation to engage in a fruitful discussion which will lead to an even more vibrant open source office community,” reads the statement.

The Document Foundation have commented positively on this move by Oracle, even suggesting that it might be the catalyst for a reunion of the LibreOffice and OpenOffice projects.

Seam JMS 3.0.0 Beta 2 Released

The second beta of Seam JMS 3.0.0 has been announced with support for TopicBuilders and QueueBuilders, and some changes in the mapping APIs. Instead of using @Routing(RouteType.INGRESS) or @Routing(RouteType.EGRESS) Seam JMS users can now use @Inbound and @Outbound. The project’s documentation has also been improved. Seam JMS 3.0.0 Beta 2 can be downloaded now.

Specs2 Scala Library Reaches 1.4

Version 1.4 of the Specs2 library for writing executable software specifications in Scala, has been released. Specs2 adds a beAnInstanceOf matcher, haveLength matcher and a mute method on matchers to remove messages. It also uses sbt version 0.10.0, and Specs2 users can now define an implicit Context to avoid duplication.

Apache Solr Search Platform Releases 3.2

Version 3.2 of the Apache Solr search platform is now available. Apache Solr users can now specify overwrite and commitWithin as request parameters when using the JSON update format, and can leverage a new test-framework jar when testing Solr extensions. A TermQParserPlugin has been added for generating filter queries from terms returned from field faceting or the terms component, and support for using a NamedList to model Explanation objects has been added to DebugComponent.

JSON Activity Stream Spec Online

Version 1.0 of the JSON Activity Stream specification is now available online. This specification provides a protocol for creating and parsing activity streams using the JSON format. Activity streams include the Facebook wall, and other feeds that describe a person performing an action on, or with, an object. The specification aims to provide metadata about an activity, so the consumer of said data can present it to the user in a human-friendly format, which could mean constructing readable sentences about the activity that occurred, or creating a visual representation of the activity.

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