JVM Framework Wars!

Survey Sets Out to Answer Which JVM Framework is the Best

Jessica Thornsby

Sebastien Arbogast has posted a survey to find out which framework is the best, following Matt Raible’s controversial presentation.

After Matt Raible did a brave thing and rated the JVM web frameworks in a matrix for all to see, the old ‘which JVM framwork is the best?’ debate has been reignited. Now, Sebastien Arbogast has proposed that instead of arguing over Matt Raible’s point of view, the community should take part in their own survey of JVM web frameworks. Sebastien Arbogast’s survey covers the following frameworks: Struts2, Spring MVC, Wicket, JSF, Tapestry, Stripes, GWT, Grails, Rails, Flex, Vaadin, Lift, and Play. It asks participants to vote on criteria such as developer productivity, learning curve and testing. At the time of writing, Rails was in the number one position, followed by Play, and then Grails. Tapestry was in the survey’s last, unlucky thirteen place. Agree? Disagree? Be sure to have your say, by taking part in the survey.


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