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Suite of Releases for Apache Portals Project

Jessica Thornsby

Apache Portals release new versions of Pluto, Jetspeed, Bridges Common, Bridges Velocity, and Portals Applications.

The Apache Portals collaborative software development project have announced several new releases. Apache Portals provides a range of Portal related software.

First up, is Apache Portals Pluto version 2.0.1, which is the second general availability release of the 2.0 line. With this release, Pluto can run even if main portlets are unavailable. There have also been efforts to make Pluto more OSGi-centric. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

Apache Portals Pluto serves as the portlet container for many portals, including Apache Jetspeed, which has also announced a new release. Version 2.2.1 features a new Jetui Client Side Customization Engine, open ID support, and a Jetspeed Toolbox dockable portlet selector, layout selector, and skin selector. The Release Notes are online now. Jetspeed is an Open Portal Platform and Enterprise Information Portal, which provides a security infrastructure, allowing customisation of the information and functions made available to each user.

Meanwhile, the Apache Portals Bridges team have two version 2.0 releases, for Portals Bridges Common and Bridges Velocity.

The Portals Bridges Project provides Portal independent integration with Web Frameworks, including JavaServer Faces, Struts, and Groovy. Portals Bridges Common is a library that aims to provide a common area for utilities and support code for developing bridges. The Portals Velocity Bridge project provides several Velocity-based portlets, alongside a library of useful scripts.

Both 2.0 releases introduce support for delegated or proxy invocation of GenericVelocityPortlet not going through render method.

The final Apache Portals release is the general availability of 1.1 of Portals Applications. This release introduces a collection of portlets including Flash, Google Maps, File, Event, Browser, weather and bookmark portlets. There is also a portlet application dedicated to the development of RSS portlet features, and a portlet for the development of Web Content rewriting and IFrame based web content. It can be downloaded from the Portals Applications webpage.

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