Java SE 8 best practices

“Take the advice you receive about the complexities of functional programming with a pinch of salt”

JAX Editorial Team
Java 8
Stephen Colebourne

The Java 8 release takes Java to a whole new level. Learning the new features is just the first step. The real question is how to make best use of them. You will learn how coding in Java 8 differs to previous Java versions, and how to avoid going too far with the new goodies.

JAX DevOps 2016: Java SE 8 best practices – Stephen Colebourne from JAX TV on Vimeo.

Stephen Colebourne is a Java developer, blogger and open source enthusiast known for his work on the Joda projects date and time in Java 8 (JSR-310) and the Java language. He is a Java Champion and JavaOne Rock Star speaker. He is currently working at OpenGamma, bringing open source transparency to the finance industry.