On the road again

Stephen Chin to bike around Europe on a ‘Nighthacking Tour’

Elliot Bentley

Java evangelist Chin will be tearing up the highway on a journey of self-discovery, interviews and, of course, hacking.

You may have seen the adverts for the big-budget film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel On the Road, but the most exciting road trip of this winter is that of Java evangelist Stephen Chin.

Beginning this Sunday, Chin will be donning his leathers for a pan-European journey of self-discovery, interviews and, of course, hacking – with his motorcycle as his only companion. On the way, he’ll be stopping off at London, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and DevOxx in Belgium.

Chin will be broadcasting his adventures live on Ustream, which will include interviews with the likes of Martijn Verburg, Adam Bien and Russel Winder. Of course, he’ll also be tweeting from @steveonjava and monitoring the hashtag #nighthacking.

If you want to get even more interactive, and are based somewhere on Chin’s map, you can use a form to suggest that he attends a meetup in your own town or city.

Before he embarks, Chin will be interviewing the father of Java (and “the original nighthacker”) James Gosling today (October 24th) at 11AM PST. It’s sure to be a great watch, Chin promising that it will last “until we run out of interesting things to chat about”.

As he’ll be arriving (and leaving) via JAXenter’s home of London, we’ll try and grab a word with Chin as he passes through. Watch this space.

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