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How to start a career as a remote DBA expert

Sujain Thomas

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In this article, Sujain Thomas, data IT professional who works closely with DBA experts, shares her thoughts on how to start a career as a remote DBA expert and identifies the difficulties that lie ahead.

So you’ve decided that you want to start a career in this area but then you immediately start having second thoughts because you meet experienced people who make you rethink your choice. But not all is lost! A good strategy will help you lighten up and make the best out of this situation (everybody was a newbie at one point). Here are some pieces of advice that will —hopefully— help you transform your skills into a lucrative profession.


Knowledge is, of course, the most important detail that can make or break your career as a database expert. The employers will first consider the knowledge you have attained before they decide to employ you. That is the reason why they ask for credentials. Credentials prove that you have the relevant knowledge that is oh-so-needed in this industry. Enroll in an institution to acquire the needed knowledge and skills. Make sure the school is certified.


So you have the knowledge now but don’t forget about one other important factor: internships in other established database firms. The internship is the best tool to develop and acquire professional skills. Most people do not get good jobs because they lack proper skills. Internships also enable the new graduates to get some experience in this field. If you have experience, starting your career as a remote DBA expert will be easy (or easier).

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Focus on best performers

Every industry has its superstars and this is no exception. Securing a job in highly reputable firms in the industry will enhance your value in the job market. The best enterprises will always employ the finest professionals. Transform working in those lucrative firms into your main target. Align yourself properly with the demands of those companies and you won’t have problems securing a job there.


You have to be certified before you can be employed as a database expert. The purpose of certifications is to hinder fraudsters from getting job opportunities. To obtain the needed certifications, your credentials will act as a proof that you are qualified. The license and the certificates will help you kick-start your career.


How you handle your current projects will determine if you can attain higher positions in your profession. It is advisable to cultivate a culture of excellence. Make sure that you are outstanding when meeting the needs of the company and clients. Only excellent employees get the privilege of being promoted to undertake higher responsibilities. Make excellence your selling point.


During the early stages of your career, you will be making mistakes. Mistakes are good in building your career. This is because they expose your weaknesses and ignorance. That will give you an opportunity to learn from them and turn your weaknesses into strengths.The errors will make you proficient. Do not feel bad when you make mistakes. They pave the way for your success.


You can assess the service delivery mode of other professionals in this trade. This will enable you to identify the inefficiencies of the experts. By capitalizing on their inefficiencies, you will have an opportunity to become better and to eventually outshine them. You can also come up with inventions that will improve service delivery. That will make you a pacesetter. Great inventions offer great prospects.

Sujain Thomas is a data IT professional who works closely with DBA experts to provide her clients with fantastic solutions to their data problems. If you need data IT solutions, she is the person for the jobs.

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