Stable Of MacRuby 0.5 Released


After two beta releases, the MacRuby team have released a stable of MacRuby 0.5.

Please note that MacRuby 0.5 only runs on Snow Leopard, although Leopard users can use MacRuby by building the sources from the MacRuby repository.

New features include support for Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and HotCocoa, a Ruby layer that sits above Cocoa and other frameworks, and creates Mappings over the most common Classes and Constants. HotCocoa is also available as a gem in the Ruby 0.5 package installer. MacRuby 0.5’s macrubyc command-line tool now supports the compilation of multiple Ruby source file into dynamic libraries.

The freeware MacRuby 0.5 is available to download from the MacRuby website.

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