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SpringSource Tool Suite 2.6.0 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Griffon 0.9.2 and a new, OSGi-based tutorial app.

New OSGi-based Eclipse Tutorial App

Bryan Hunt has announced plans for a new tutorial application to demonstrate the use of several Eclipse technologies, and current best practices for design, development, testing, deployment and more. The eTrack app will be based on OSGi, and will use HTTP for communication between client and server. The initial implementation will use EMF as a domain model, Restlet for the RESTful web services, and Jetty for the web container. There are also plans to use Gerrit for source control, and Tycho and Jenkins for build.

Trinidad 1.1.0 Released

Trinidad 1.1.0 has been released. With this release, hot deployment is now integrated in the core gem, and the JRuby runtime is shared with Jruby-Rack. Trinidad provides a library for running Rails and Rackup applications into an embedded Apache Tomcat.

Vex 1.0.0 M6 Removes Experimental Multi-Page Editor

The sixth milestone of Vex 1.0.0 has been released. Vex stands for Visual Editor for XML, and hides raw XML tags from the user, presenting them instead in a word processor-like interface. This release removes the experimental multi-page editor. “We have decided to remove it for now because we prefer quality to half finished features,” reads the announcement. Currently planned for future releases, are support for namespaces and XML schema.

Sequoyah Moves to Tools Project

As part of the previously-announced DSDP Restructuring process, the Sequoyah project for mobile developers has moved to the Tools project. This will affect and update the SVN repository, Bugzilla, IPLogs and general web resources. This should not affect Sequoyah users, beyond reconfiguring SVN access and using new download pages.

STS 2.6.0 Adds 2.5.2.SR1 Updates

Version 2.6.0 of the SpringSource Tool Suite has been announced. This release adds a new graphical editor for Spring Web Flow, and a Roo Plugin Manager. It also incorporates all the updates from 2.5.2.SR1, including Grails 1.3.7, Groovy 1.7.8 and Spring Roo 1.1.2.

Griffon 0.9.2 Moves Build to Gradle

Version 0.9.2 of Griffon has been announced. This is a maintenance release of Griffon 0.9, which moves the Griffon build from Ant to Gradle and updates the integration files for Eclipse and IDEA, so they conform to their latest conventions. Plugin dependencies that are declared with the Dependency DSL should now be fully honoured, and the logging DSL for execution during runtime is available during buildtime.

Apache Jackrabbit 2.2.5 Released

Apache Jackrabbit 2.2.5 has been released. Jackrabbit 2.2 is a fully compliant implementation of the Content Repository for Java Technology API 2.0, specified by JSR 283. This is a bug fix release for previous 2.2.x releases, and addresses namespace comparison and some JCA test failures. More information on the fixes, is available at the JIRA.

Eclipse Juno?

The votes are in for the name of the next Eclipse Simultaneous Release. Pending final approval, the name of the 2012 release will be Juno.

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