SpringSource Takes To The Cloud With Tasktop-Hosted Code2Cloud

SpringOne 2010 Announcements

Jessica Thornsby

SpringSource announce new ALM service at SpringOne conference.

SpringOne 2010 kicked off this week with the announcement of a new ALM service, developed in conjunction with Tasktop.

The Tasktop-hosted Code2Cloud will provide a suite of development, deployment and collaboration tools for simplifying the application development process. It enables a number of Java cloud deployment destinations, and builds on projects including Eclipse Mylyn, SpringSource Tool Suite IDE, Hudson continuous integration and Git. It will provide a “cloud-centric” issue tracker, compatible with Bugzilla, and a dashboard for managing applications and development teams. Code2Cloud will be extensible to other ALM solutions, thanks to an implementation of the Eclipse Mylyn framework and the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration web service standard.

“SpringSource Code2Cloud is an ambitious step towards moving much of the development management stack into the cloud and hopefully vacuuming up those tedious application management tasks,” said Red Monk analyst Michael Cote.

Developer preview availability is currently scheduled for Q1, 2011.

SpringOne attendees also found out more about the work SpringSource have been doing with the Neo4j team, on the Spring Data project. The Spring Data project aims to bring support from the Spring framework, for non-relational databases. The project consists of a Datastore Graph, which provides an annotation-driven POJO-graph mapping library, and a Neo4j Roo Add-On, providing a plugin that enables users to build Roo apps backed by Neo4j. Both Datastore Graph and the Roo Add-On are currently scheduled for a 1.0 release before the end of the year.

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