Spring goes social

Spring Social LinkedIn API appears

Chris Mayer

Remnants of the Spring Social initiative appear to be forming together, as the LinkedIn RC1 shores up

The Spring community’s latest venture into linking social networks with Spring Applications has welcomed in an extra addition to the social networking, with a LinkedIn API now included.

Whilst it isn’t a final version, Spring Social LinkedIn 1.0.0 RC1 comes with a complete API binding in addition to connection support through Spring Social’s service provider connection framework. The API enables members of the community to include a LinkedIn function with their Spring application. We can expect a full version very soon.

Spring Social is an extension of the Spring Framework which focuses on linking SaaS platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to your Java application – becoming ever more important as fledgling social network spring up every week it seems. Maybe it’s Pinterest’s turn next?

The Spring community have added several new modules since the project first surfaced back in 2010, such as add-ons for Digg, Dropbox, Foursquare, Salesforce, Tumblr, Yammer and Grails. Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and Trippit were all supported in the first big release in September of last year. It looks like a really thriving project and one you should check out through their forum.

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