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Spring in the Cloud

Jessica Thornsby

How to design and implement applications targeted to a cloud platform.

Cloud computing is an emerging trend that’s impossible to ignore, but what does the rise of the cloud mean for established ecosystems? At Jax London, David Syer, the technical lead on Spring Batch, Spring Hadoop and Spring Batch Admin, will deliver a session that looks at Spring in the cloud. In this interview, JAXenter finds out what Jax London attendees can expect from ‘Spring Integration and Spring Batch in the Cloud.’

JAXenter: At Jax London, you will deliver a ‘Spring Integration and Spring Batch in the Cloud’ session. What can attendees hope to learn from this session?

David Syer: How to design and implement applications targeted to a cloud platform, or using cloud services, using Spring, Spring Integration and Spring Batch.

JAXenter: What makes Spring Integration and Spring Batch particularly well suited for developing for the cloud?

David: Spring in general is a very flexible programming model, making it easy to write code that runs in a range of environments (including locally at development time and in a cloud for integration tests and production use). Spring Integration deals with declarative integration between collaborating applications and services, and this is the dominant pattern in the cloud – platforms provide services, and applications are developed as a set of loosely coupled services, and they all need to be integrated at runtime. Spring Batch is particularly relevant because an increasingly large proportion of Batch users are scaling up to process data in parallel across multiple nodes in a cluster. A cloud platform is an ideal target for that style of application because scale is a parameter of the service, and can even be adjusted dynamically or automatically at runtime to account for changes in load.

JAXenter: How is the Spring ecosystem moving to support the increasing integration aspect of many software services?

David: The core Spring Framework is approaching a 3.1 release and there are some very relevant features in there to do with environment awareness. New projects that are relevant also include Spring Data, Spring Social and Spring Mobile. Spring Integration is also expanding to adapt to services in a cloud environment.

JAXenter: What are the current hot topics in the Spring ecosystem, and how will your session touch on them?

David: The hot topic, in a nutshell, is the cloud: supporting application developers targeting cloud platforms and also developers of services in the cloud. Demos in my presentation will use some or all of those to show how they bring benefits to the application developer targeting a cloud platform.

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