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Spring for Android gets first final version

Chris Mayer

The Spring extension projects goes GA, with social network implementations like Twitter, Facebook and GitHub available

A small update but one that could be important for Spring developers in the long-run as Spring for Android gets its first proper outing in 1.0. This extension to the Spring Framework allows Spring client libraries to be used in Android environments.

According to the documentation for Spring for Android 1.0, this includes the ability to use the Java-based RestTemplate as the REST client for your Android applications. Support is provided for integrating functionality of the sister project Spring Social into Android apps, meaning things like a OAuth-based authorization client and implementations for social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, but also for coding social network GitHub.

Things haven’t changed much since Spring for Android 1.0 RC1, which brought forward a lot of the security and social features to the floor, but one major thing has – the default RestTemplate constructor no longer includes any message body converters, with an alternate constructor providing a standard set of message converters. Further changes can be found in the announcement blog post, in the change log and in the 1.0.0 reference manual.

You can download Spring for Android here and you can also grab the Maven artifacts via the Spring website. The GitHub repository also has some excellent sample for you to view. The team behind this new project are keen to express gratitude to those who’ve contributed so far and would like you to contribute too – collaborate here!

Hopefully we’ll see this neat little project blossom nicely, alongside Android itself.

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