Trio of SpringSource announcements

Spring Data JPA and AMQP reach 1.1.0 releases

Chris Mayer

A raft of new releases come fresh out of SpringSource for the wider Spring community

Things never seem quiet in the SpringSource labs with the team announcing three important releases on their blogs.

First up, Spring Data JPA 1.1.0 has gone GA, bringing with it over 72 fixed bugs, improvements and new features. Evolving out of the Hades open source project and an offshoot of the larger Spring Data project, Spring Data JPA’s goal is to make the old cumbersome methods of implementing a data layer far simpler through streamlining the process needed to implement JPA-based repositories.

Flagged as the important new features by Project Lead Oliver Gierke include support for declarative locking and native queries in @Query, plus new query generation keywords such as LessThanEqualGreaterThanEqualBeforeAfterStartsWithEndsWithContains.

PersistenceUnitPostProcessor is added to scan for JPA entities (but only to be used with Spring versions before 3.1) and there’s a big plus for the inclusion of CDI integration for repositories

The relevant release reference documentation is available in HTML and PDF format, as is the changelog delving deeper into every difference for Spring Data JPA 1.1.0. Binaries are available through SpringSource’s own Artifactory or you can get your hands on the Javadocs.

Combined with this announcement, Gierke detailed the advances made to Spring Data REST 1.0.0 with the second milestone released almost in unison. The major update for Spring Data REST exporter includes fundamental functionalities such as query method and validation support, in addition to the already included JSR-303 validation. Improved ApplicationEvent handling means ‘ApplicationEvents are emitted before and after each save or delete, allowing your code to tie into these lifecycle events and trigger other actions.’

The final announcement is the release of Spring AMQP 1.1.0, which is Spring’s home for AMQP-based messaging development. The main changes here come in the form of support for RabbitMQ 2.8x client, with features such as Mirrored Queues, Broker Failover, Publisher Confirms, Returns and Federated Exchanges.

All in all, a busy day for SpringSource as some smaller projects get the time in the limelight.

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