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Spring Data JDBC Extensions Project Adds Oracle Database Support

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, US Veterans Integrated System Technology Architecture to use open source?

Bug Fixes for Apache ActiveMQ 5.5.0

Apache ActiveMQ 5.5.0 has been released. This is primarily a maintenance release, but it does upgrade to Camel 2.7.0, adds ‘MBeans,’ a new network connector, and introduces support for Apache Commons Daemon. The support for Guest login via JAAS has been improved, alongside the support for recovery of durable subscribers with priority support.

Apache ActiveMQ is a JMS 1.1 provider and complete message broker. It features distributed destinations, clustering, and XA support with pluggable persistence.

First RC of Spring AMQP 1.0 for Java

The first release candidate of Spring AMQP 1.0 for Java is now available. Spring AMQP offers a template as a high-level abstraction for sending and receiving messages, and provides support for Message-driven POJOs. This release candidate adds a Log4j Appender and an advice-chain to MLC XML configuration. There is also a list of bug fixes, including fixes for compiler warnings, Tomcat shutdown and a fix which makes parsers consistent with attributes in XSD. More information is available at the Release Notes.

Spring Data JDBC Extensions – Now With Oracle Database Support

The Spring Data JDBC Extensions 1.0 project have announced their first milestone release of version 1.0 with Oracle Database support. Spring Data JDBC Extensions provides vendor-specific JDBC extensions. For this release, code and features have been ported from Advanced Pack for Oracle Database, which was previously available for support subscription customers only. Features include RAC “Fast Connection Failover,” which allows Spring application to transparently failover when a database node fails, and a custom datasource connection preparer.

Oracle XE 11.2 Beta Released

A beta of Oracle Express Edition (XE) 11.2 is now available to download. Oracle Database XE allows users to generate reports, administer the database, create views, tables and additional database objects, run queries and SQL scripts. The beta can be downloaded now.

Eclipse.Org GitHub Mirror

A mirroring of the repositories has been setup on GitHub. “I think this is an important step to making the codebase more accessible for people to fork and contribute changes,” says Chris Aniszczyk.

JVx Enterprise Application Framework 0.9

A new version of the JVx Enterprise Application Framework, is out now. JVx 0.9 offers both manual and automatic quoting via DBStorage, and PK, FK, and UK detection with or without JDBC driver, as required. DBCredentials and DataSourceHandler have been introduced to change DB connections without changing the source code. Users can create DBCredentials or read the configuration programatically. Please see the Changelog for a full list of the estimated 190 changes made in this release.

VistA To Be Modernised Using Open Source?

The US Veterans Affairs Department have issued a draft request for a contractor to modernise the Veterans Integrated System Technology Architecture (VistA,) using open source software. VistA is an information system built around an Electronic Health Record, and is used throughout the US Department of Veteran Affairs medical system. Veterans Affairs assistant secretary for information and technology, Roger Baker, said that the agency aims to ensure vendors of proprietary products will be able to “easily and confidently integrate their products” with VistA.

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