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Spring Cloud Task: New Spring project presented for the development of short-lived microservices

Michael Thomas

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As Michael Minella, the project leader of Spring Batch, announced on behalf of his team, a new subproject of Spring Cloud called Spring Cloud Task is ready. The target of Spring Cloud Task is to deliver the necessary functionality to Spring Boot based applications for the support of short-lived microservices. The announcement at the same time marks the release of the first milestone.

The background of Spring Cloud Task which should be considered as a sister project of Spring Cloud Stream (development of messaging microservices and their implementation locally or in the Cloud): Most Cloud environments are geared at executing processes (for example, an application) which should not end. If they do end, it is usually classified as an error; the consequence is a restart of the process. As Minella indicates in the announcement, even platforms which have a mechanism to execute these types of processes have the disadvantage that they have the same non-functional requirements as are characteristic for long-lived processes. A Spring Cloud task on the other hand aims at executing Spring Boot applications as short-lived tasks on the production level.

The first milestone of Spring Cloud Task introduces the main features of the configuration mechanism, as well as a repository which records all events during the execution of a task.

For experts of Spring Batch, the lightweight framework for the development of batch applications in enterprise systems, the general paradigms here should appear familiar. The corresponding documentation takes all those interested by the hand and leads them through the process of creating their first task and executing it.

The Spring Cloud Task team calls on all those interested in the project to provide feedback and suggestions via GitHub, StackOverflow or Twitter.

Michael Thomas
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