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Spring Boot with Kotlin, Kofu and Coroutines

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Join Sébastien Deleuze, a Spring Framework and Reactor committer at Pivotal, for a live coding session. He will show you how to transform from a Spring Boot application created with Java to a Kotlin application. Discover how to use Coroutines in Spring and take your Spring Boot apps to the next level.

This talk is a live coding where Sébastien Deleuze, a Spring Framework and Reactor committer at Pivotal will show how to gradually transform a Spring Boot application developed with Java, annotations and JPA to an idiomatic Kotlin application that will leverage Coroutines, WebFlux, Kofu configuration DSL (from Spring Fu incubator) and R2DBC (Reactive SQL).

He will introduce the official support for Coroutines in Spring (Framework, Boot, Data) as well as Kofu, the Kotlin DSL developed in the Spring Fu incubator that he created last year. It allows users to configure Spring Boot applications explicitly and make them even more efficient. Sébastien Deleuze will also give an update about GraalVM native images support for Spring Boot applications.


Spring BootSébastien Deleuze is a Spring Framework and Reactor committer at Pivotal. He mostly works on Kotlin support across Spring portfolio, and on web and Reactive topics. He is also part of the MiXiT conference staff crew.

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