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So long, Spring Boot 1.x!

Chris Stewart
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Spring Boot 1.x’s number is up. The end of life announcement made a year ago gave us time to prepare, but endings are always bittersweet. Update 1.5.22 was the final nail in the coffin, with no further updates planned for the 1.x line.

It’s been one year since Spring announced that they would be ceasing maintenance for Spring Boot 1.x versions. Now, one year later, Spring Boot 1.x has reached the end of the road. Alongside the release of Spring Boot 1.5.22 yesterday, Spring confirmed that there will be no further maintenance releases for the 1.x line.

They expect that most users have already migrated to the 2.x line, but urge any stragglers to to do so as soon as possible. They also have a migration guide to help with the transition from 1.x to 2.x. Something to keep in mind is that Spring Boot 2.0 and above requires Java 8+, so for users of Java 6 and 7, a JDK upgrade will also be on the cards.

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In the original End of Life (EOL) announcement, they recommended an upgrade path that involves upgrading in phases – not just making the leap to the latest stable version. First, to get away from 1.x, they recommend upgrading to 2.0.x. Then in yesterday’s announcement, they wrote that once the upgrade to 2.0.x is complete, to migrate to the latest 2.1.x version.

Spring Boot’s Twitter account gave the final word on the subject:

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As for Spring Boot 2.2.0, that’s due later this year in October according to its roadmap, so there’s time to get used to life without 1.x until then.

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