More SpringOne Announcements!

Spring Announce Spring Social and Spring Payment Services

Jessica Thornsby

SpringSource announce a new project for integrating payment services into Spring-powered applications.

SpringSource have made more announcements at their SpringOne conference, this time announcing a series of extensions to the Spring framework.

This included the Spring Social project, which will provide support for authentication via OAuth 2.0 across social media sites, and the Spring Payment Services Project. Spring Payment Services will allow Spring developers to access payment systems, including Visa and CyberSource, by integrating payment services into Spring-powered applications. The project will be completed in partnership with Visa, who are currently developing a REST-based payment services API, on top of which Spring Payment Services can build. Currently, this REST-based API is in the early stages of development, so the early samples are being built against the CyberSource APIs. “Feel free to use this early example code, but beware that we expect things to change as the project progresses,” warns the project’s home page.