Release Roundup

Spring 3.1.0 gets final gloss with RC2, Apache issues Lucene and Solr updates

Chris Mayer

Final release candidate for Spring for their 3.1.0 launch, whilst Apache publicise the features behind Lucene and Solr 3.5

There seems to be a strange parallel between preparing software for general availability and preparing for the festive period. It feels like everyone is striving towards tweaking their product just before the holidays, perhaps these releases are seen as early stocking fillings?

The team at SpringSource announced the final tweaks to Spring 3.1.0 as they released what they say is their final release candidate. This update fleshes out most of the major bugs present previously. For example, the OSGi manifest for the Spring Web bundle no longer requires Apache HttpComponents. It also beefs up the reference documentation ahead of GA. You can view all the framework changes within the team’s change log and also see the release notes here.


Elsewhere the Apache community showed the fruits of their efforts over the past few months. The Lucene PMC announced the release of Lucene 3.5. The cross platform search-engine library, entirely written in Java seems to have enraptured the community at the moment, with users staggered by the new capabilities that Lucene brings to customising their search capabilities. This release contains bug fixes and slight improvements to key parts of the software.

Full details are documented here but in brief, these include –

  • Substantial reduction of memory needed to hold term dictionary
  • Deep paging support by adding searchAfter method to the IndexSearcher class
  • Added SearchManager which simplifies sharing and opening IndexSearcher in multithreaded environment
  • IndexWriter optimize method was renamed to forceMerge
  • IndexSearcher reopen method was renamed to openIfChanged which now return null if the index wasn’t changed
  • Added SearchLifetimeManager which simplifies usage of the same instance of searcher between multiple requests.

But the team at Lucene weren’t keen to stop there, giving another gift by updating Solr – the search server dedicated to Lucene. The main changes here are –

  • Ability to use grouping functionality with distributed search
  • Language identification contrib module which use Apache Tika
  • Trie field types and dates support sortMissingFirst and sortMissingLast attributes
  • Changes from Apache Lucene 3.5 library, for example substantial reduction of memory needed for term dictionary

It’s worth reminding that Apache uses a mirroring network, so some mirrors may not contain the updated material

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