Spring 3.0.1 Released


The first Spring 3.0 maintenance release is now available for download.

Spring version 3.0.1 has upgraded to AspectJ 1.6.8; and supports JPA 2.0 persistence schema, and JPA PersistenceContext/Unit injection on Google App Engine. It’s now consistent in the way it treats unresolvable placeholders for Resource and Resource array Properties. Spring 3.0.1 preserves compatibility with Tiles 2.1.2 and above and supports Hibernate 3.5, in an effort to track the emerging next generations of these libraries. 3.0.1 marks an addition to Spring’s JSP tag library, allowing the evaluation of a Spring EL (SpEL) expression and embedding the results into a JSP page.

Spring version 3.0.1 is available in a third dependency distribution, containing an Ivy repository with common third-party jar files. The core framework is separate from the dependencies; meaning you can use any supported version of third-party libraries.

Full details are accessible at the Change Log. Lead architect and founder of the Spring Framework Jürgen Höller has also blogged about this new release.


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