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Sparx releases Enterprise Architect 8

Arun Mysore

Sparx Systems, a vendor of modeling tools based on open standards, has announced the official release of Enterprise Architect 8, a major update to the company’s integrated modeling and development tool.

“An important goal in version 8, was to deliver the same responsiveness and ease of use in very large, shared models as in smaller and mid-range models. Integral to this goal was the provision of Traceability tools, searching and other mechanisms for cross referencing information and linking model based information back to real-world artifacts,” explained Geoffrey Sparks, CEO of Sparx Systems.

In conjunction with Enterprise Architect 8, Sparx Systems has also released an integrated add-in that supports the Object Management Group’s standards-based enterprise architecture framework, the Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM).

Please visit Sparx Systems web site for more details.


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