Artifact Repository Library for Eclipse

Sonatype’s Aether to Move to Eclipse?

Jessica Thornsby

Aether has been proposed as a new Eclipse project.

Aether has been proposed as a new open source project under the Technology Container Project. The Aether library for working with artifact repositories, provides a general-purpose artifact resolution mechanism, that can be embedded in Java programs. It also provides Ant Tasks that allow Ant builds to have the same dependency management capabilities as Maven 3.x. Aether is designed to resolve transitive dependencies, through determining the coordinates of the artifacts that make up the transitive dependencies, and resolving the files for the artifacts that have been identified.

SAP have expressed an interest in working with Aether, and the project proposal is enthusiastic about the company’s participation:

“SAP has been an enormous help on the Tycho project and they have shown a similar interest in working on Aether. We believe that over time many companies leveraging Eclipse-based technologies will be interesting in participating in the Aether project, SAP alone makes the move to Eclipse worthwhile.”

The initial contribution will consist of the core codebase, available from GitHub, and the Aether Ant Tasks, which can be viewed at the Sonatype website. A transport based on Jeanfrancois Arcand’s Async HTTP Client is also included within the core. The Aether project currently intends to make the first code contribution by August 15th.

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