Sonatype: “we believe that Hudson users can look forward to a long, bright future.”

Jessica Thornsby

Sonatype’s Jason van Zyl blogs about the company’s decision to stick with Hudson.

Jason van Zyl has blogged about Sonatype’s decision to continue supporting Hudson, stating “we believe that Hudson users can look forward to a long, bright future.” Moving forward, Oracle and Sonatype will each dedicate full-time engineering resources to the project, and there will be a focus on providing “comprehensive architectural documentation.” The team will also focus on:

  • Testing infrastructure
  • JSR330 support for plugins
  • JAXRS support for web services
  • Maven 3.x support
  • Eclipse and Netbeans integration
  • Assessing current Hudson architecture
  • JSR330 architecture work to modularise Hudson core
  • Using a standard view technology
  • Re-aligning non-standard/forked dependencies with current “mainstream” releases
  • Isolating code with “problematic licenses”
  • Using standard Maven plugins for creating ancillary Hudson distributions

Jason van Zyl lists some major problems he perceives with the current Hudson project, including the amount of dependencies incorporated in the Hudson WAR distribution, “a troubling number of which are forked;” Hudson’s dependency on Jelly, and the current project infrastructure, which he views as minimal.


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