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Sonatype Bring JBoss Projects to Central Repository

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Spring Social 1.0.0 goes GA!

Spring Social 1.0.0 Goes GA!

Spring Social 1.0.0 is now GA! This update includes bug fixes for all issues reported since 1.0.0.RC3. In addition to the fixes, Spring Social Core adds default constructor to OAuth1Parameters and Oauth2Parameters, for those wishing to use Core standalone, and changes applicationUrl property on ConnectController and ProviderSignInController from a URL to a String. More information on the changes in Spring Social Core 1.0.0 GA, is available at the Changelog.

Meanwhile, Spring Social Facebook 1.0.0 updates FacebookTemplate to match changes in AbstractOAuth2ApiBinding, and Spring Social Twitter 1.0.0 updates TwitterTemplate to match changes in AbstractOAuth1ApiBinding.


JBoss Projects Now Available on Central Repository

Sonatype have announced that the JBoss Community project components have been added to the Central Repository. This includes Hibernate, HornetQ, Netty, RestEasy, Drools, and jBPM. According to the announcement, more are expected to be added to the Central Repository in the upcoming months. This follows the news that Sonatype have formed a partnership with Oracle, to bring projects to the Central Repository.


Patrick Chanezon Leaves Google for VMware

Former API Evangelist at Google, Patrick Chanezon, has revealed that he has left Google after six years for a Senior Director, Developer Relations position at VMware. According to his blog post, he will now be helping VMware to build their developer relations team. “I love Google but this is an opportunity that I could not resist!” he says.


C# Syntax for Lambda Expressions?

Brian Goetz has revealed that the Expert Group has “mostly” made a decision on the syntax of lambda expressions. He describes the decision as to more or less adopt the C# syntax, as this syntax does well with both “small lambdas” that are used as method arguments, and large, multi-statement lambdas. He also states that, although alternatives were considered, all of them had negative aspects, so the Expert Group settled on a syntax that has already proven itself in the worlds of C# and Scala, which Goetz refers to as “the two languages that are most like Java.”

A compiler implementation is planned for release soon.


Bug Fixes for JDK 7u2 Build 06

JDK 7u2 developer preview build 06 has been released. This build fixes a problem with diamond and member inner classes, and a regression that caused a difference in overload resolution when two methods were maximally specific. The preview can be downloaded now.

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