Watch Carlo Bottiglieri & Elena Vilchik's iJS 2017 session

SonarJS: Detect runtime exceptions in JavaScript

JAX Editorial Team

Want to learn more about SonarJS and how you can use it to prevent bugs? In this session, Carlo Bottiglieri and Elena Vilchik will give you the perfect introduction!

What is SonarJS good for? How does it work internally and how to use it to prevent bugs? This session offers an introduction to the ins and outs of the SonarJS code analyzer.

After a live demo of the usage of SonarJS within an IDE, Carlo Bottiglieri and Elena Vilchik look into what it means to build a code analyzer and how JavaScript code is represented and understood at different levels of abstraction.

Finally, the speakers show how to execute JavaScript code without its actual execution, which is a way to detect runtime exceptions statically.


Carlo Bottiglieri is a developer in SonarSource. He has recently escaped from the corporate gilded cage and he seeks simple and expressive software design in daily work and great teams to devote to. So far he has created many systems he is not entirely ashamed of, a few agile teams he loved and a software development organization that was not half bad.

Elena Vilchik strongly believes that clean code makes a product much more robust. So the last couple of years she contributes to SonarJS, a static analyzer for JavaScript developed by SonarSource company.



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