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Sonar 3.0 brings Continuous Inspection to the Enterprise

Chris Mayer

The code quality detector in on a charge towards enticing enterprises with some neat improvements with the stable release

Things had been quiet at SonarSource headquarters recently; not because they were just resting on previous releases, but because they were working tirelessly towards the next stable release of the code quality manager, Sonar 3.0, which has been released today.

Aiming to keep your code clean, Sonar 3.0 represents a huge update for the service in many ways. Firstly, they make no bones about targetting enterprises by releasing two new versions (Professional and Enterprise) in a rejigging of the structure. The new flashy corporate look of the website certainly will entice more enterprises too.

Both provide vendor support, consultation, maintenance guarantees and all the plugins needed by enterprises to get going straight away. The Enterprise edition varies slightly in terms of vendor support offered, extra languages and the added bonus of helping mission-critical projects. For a more comprehensive look at what is different, check the comparison page.

Sonar 3.0 also adds in real-time functionality for detecting unwanted and dangerous code and also testing the coverage of new code. This ongoing code inspector should be a vital addition for most, if not all enterprises. There’s a variety of languages supported too – Java as standard, Groovy, C#, PHP and many more as plugins. Not to mention the ability to detect duplicate code across multiple projects, streamlining things down slightly.

There’s new code and a related review process, as well as personalised dashboards configurable through widgets. Another big feature of Sonar 3.0 is the new Developer Cockpit plugin which identifies who has contributed the most code of the team but also instills best practices within the team.

SonarSource have also provided an Eclipse IDE plugin for their integrated review process attempting to woo that community which is a pretty smart move. You can also integrate with Atlassian JIRA and Jenkins also. 

We’ve only scratched the surface here, with 40 improvements in the release. Check out what else is new here. Looking for an armed response unit to deal with code quality? Sonar 3.0 could be the answer you were looking for…

Download the free open source version here. The commercial versions – SonarSource Professional and Enterprise Editions are available at These versions are available from €12,500 (£10,200) and €50,000 (£40,900) a year respectively.

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