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Software updates, JavaOne edition

Elliot Bentley

A roundup of the myriad releases released (so far) to coincide with JavaOne and OpenWorld this week.

As you may or may not be aware, this week is JavaOne, Oracle’s annual conference incorporating all things Java, as part of OpenWorld. Unsurprisingly, many interesting projects have rolled out major updates to coincide with the events, providing a smorgasbord of new stuff to get our teeth into. Here’s our pick of the most exciting releases so far.

The first release of the Maven Integration for WTP project under the umbrella, m2e-wtp 0.16.0 is mostly a bug fix release, but also includes changes to the “Eclipse to Maven Project Conversion” area, allowing pure Eclipse JavaEE projects to be ported to Maven (download here).

It may be unfashionable, but MySQL is still the king. At last weekend’s MySQL Connect conference (another part of Oracle OpenWorld), they took the wrapping off of MySQL 5.6 Release Candidate 1. This latest version is described as “simply a better MySQL with across the board improvements that hit every functional area of the database kernel, bringing benefits whether you deploy on-premise or in the cloud”, and a blog post illustrates some of the performance improvements, as well as the technical details of the update depth. 5.6 RC1 is available to download now, with the GA promised to arrive “soon”.

A whole bunch of JBoss projects have been updated over the past few days: TorqueBox has seen a bug-fix only release, 2.1.2; Drools, the business logic integration platform has released 5.4.0, containing a range of small improvements; version 2.3.0.Final of open source web framework Seam; and Errai 2.1, which is mostly “preview” features to allow feedback before version 3.0.

The latest version of enterprise management solution for server-side apps, RHQ 4.5.0, includes a “truly modular approach” to JavaScript CLI scripts, allowing your script to “require” other scripts. This release also introduces CLI support for Python, and an enhanced version of the rest API. Release notes are here, and you can download it from the SourceForge repository.

JBoss Forge 1.1.0.Final was introduced to the world via an exceptionally joyful blog post ladened with smilies and exclamation marks. This release includes improvements to the “Did you mean ?” feature, metamodel generation based on the persistence provider, and “Colossal changes to our most beloved plugins ever !!!” Plus, from now on, Forge can be updated merely by typing forge update – though for now you’ll have to rely on the download page.

Finally, data virtualization system Teiid has seen the release Teiid 8.2 Alpha 2, with 8.2 touted as a “feature packed release with a long overdue feature of exception handling in virtual procedures” as well as native query support and integration of object/document based stores. “There is still plenty of time to get some more small features in,” writes Ramesh Reddy, who recommends visiting the forums to help provide feedback (download it here).

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