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Fix me if you can: architecture evolution step by step

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When you’re building a successful startup, there’s always a lack of resources, time and ability to implement enterprise-level architecture. You start with the minimum valuable product, then think which features would your customers need, then fight with your competitors.

However, time is going and earlier or later, you would need to come back to all your architectural technical debt, make a pause and think, how will you grow further. In this session, I’d like to share our experience gained in Regiondo – a startup which is currently being transformed into an enterprise-level company. We will talk about service-oriented architecture, domain driven design and other general concepts and practice. We will think together, how to refactor your production application step by step without complete switch off / switch on. And I will tell you how we are doing this today in Regiondo.


architectureDenys Bulakh is a developer with over 15 years of commercial experience in web and related technologies. He has a desire to develop himself that helps him to achieve the most complex goals. Originally, he’s Ukrainian, now living with his family in Munich, Germany.
At the moment, he’s obtaining the role of CTO at Regiondo, an activity booking software company with headquarters in Munich. He joined the company at the very beginning of its journey in 2012 as a developer and he’s proud of what the team achieved together.
His previous experience was in the e-commerce sphere where he made his personal contribution in the Magento project, one of the most known e-commerce frameworks, while he was working in the development office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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