soapUI 3.5 is Final


soapUI 3.5 Final has been released.

soapUI is a tool for testing Web Service clients or implementations, and for creating functional and load-tests to be run in a continuous integration environment.

This version integrates with the open source HermesJMS tool, bringing JMS support to the soapUI experience. This allows the developer to send and receive both text/xml and binary messages to and from JMS Queues and Topics; specify custom JMS Headers and Properties. JMS messaging can be integrated in functional tests using the standard property-transfer and scripting possibilities. Also new, is a JDBC TestStep which gives users the ability to execute arbitrary SQL statements or procedure calls against any JDBC compliant database. The results will be automatically converted to XML for use in the soapUI XML-related features.

The libraries have received numerous updates, including an update to Groovy 1.7.1.

An in-depth run through of all the changes, is available at the soapUI website. The open source edition, can be downloaded from SourceForge.