New Eclipse Proposal

SOA Policy Tools Project Proposal

Jessica Thornsby

Proposed project to build on the GUI-based STP Policy Editor.

SOA Policy Tools has been proposed as a new Eclipse project.

This project will build on the STP Policy Editor, which provides a GUI-based editor for creating and editing XML documents that conform to the Web Services Policy. It will also enable team-based functionality for sharing, versioning, and comparing these Web Services Policy documents.

The SOA project proposes expanding this editor into a toolkit for policy handling, which will include editors, connectors, repositories, libraries, storage, validation, management, manipulation and extraction related to policies.

In addition, SOA Policy Tools plans to identify Aspects within STP Policy Editor which could be of general interest to other Eclipse projects, and provide them as separate bundles in an effort to encourage re-use.

The SOA Policy Tools project will consist of a policy structure editor, an extensible framework for the creation of editors from annotated XML Scheme, and a validation framework.

The proposal outlines a possible integration with Mangrove, SCA tools and BPMN modeler. The initial project team will consist of the current committers to the existing STP Policy Editor component. A first milestone release is currently planned for August, 2010.

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