SOA Modeling Framework Proposed As Eclipse Project


The Mangrove – SOA Modeling Framework project has been submitted as a proposed open source project.

The existing Eclipse SOA Tools Platform (STP) project contains tools for designing, building, configuring and deploying SOA applications. The current model is STP Intermediate Model (IM). The proposal is to take the existing IM component from STP and extend IM into a project in its own right. IM acts as a “bridge” to transport SOA artifacts between editors by invoking transformations to and from the IM instance, with the aim of sharing design information between different editors in Eclipse STP. This minimises the risk of duplication and errors when building complex SOA systems.

As well as extending the scope of the IM component of the STP project, the proposal aims to reduce the need for manual transformations, and allow SOA editors to be connected to runtime projects and components. This connectivity will allow the Mangrove instance to keep pace with evolutions of these artifacts at runtime.

If successful, the SOA Modeling Framework proposal aims to provide a central Eclipse SOA modeling container useful for a variety of existing and upcoming SOA editors, runtime and platforms.

The initial code contribution will come from the existing STP-IM component.

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