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Sneak Peek Into New Griffon 0.9 Features

Jessica Thornsby

Andres Almiray has blogged about the Maven and Grails-inspired features coming up in Griffon 0.9.

With the Griffon community gearing up for the release of version 0.9, Andres Almiray has been giving visitors to his blog a sneak peek at some of the features in this upcoming release.

The release will come with two new, Grails-inspired command line additions. The first, is a command expansion ability for expanding a command target when it’s written in shorthand notation using camel case. At his blog, Almiray advises typing enough characters to ensure the target recognising algorithm can resolve the name unambiguously, to avoid being faced with a choice of matching options.

The second command line addition, is a command matching algorithm taken from Grails 1.3.2. It aims to prevent developers invoking a griffon command with the wrong target, and will leap into action whenever the command target is not recognised.

Outside the realm of command line additions, Griffon 0.9 will come with a new command wrapper, named ‘griffonw.’ The griffonw wrapper and the necessary additional files, will be added to every application and plugin created with Griffon 0.9.

In a later blog post, Andres Almiray described another up-and-coming feature, this time inspired by Maven: application archetypes. Application archetypes are zip files with an application descriptor and templates that allow the developer to alter the initial MVC group generated when an application is created. The archetype descriptor portion of the application archetype, resembles a typical Griffon gant script, while templates are stored to the archetype descriptor, and the user can modify and add templates, as required. Archetypes are registered with the application metadata, so whenever a new artifact is created the appropriate template is used.

Griffon 0.9 will provide a default archetype, for use when no suitable template or archetype is found. It is currently being considered whether future Griffon releases will come with additional archetypes.

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