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Sneak Peek at Play Framework 2.0

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Scalate 1.5.2 and Trove 3.0 released.

What’s Coming up in Play 2.0?

The Play framework team have revealed details of their upcoming 2.0 release. In version 2.0, the Scala support will be moved from a separate module, to the core of the Play framework. In addition, sbt will be integrated, which also means improved integration with Maven projects out of the box – although Play 2.0 will come with a preconfigured build script that should “just work,” for users who are happy with the Play build. The Scala-based template engine will be used as the default for Play applications in 2.0, and the routing system will also be fully type-checked. More information on upcoming features in Play 2.0, can be found at the Introducing Play 2.0 article.

A preview of Play 2.0 can be downloaded now from github.


Scalate 1.5.2 Released

Version 1.5.2 of the Scalate template engine has been released. Scalate is based on Scala 2.9.1, and can be used stand alone, or with web frameworks, servlets and integration frameworks, such as Apache Camel. This update introduces server side compilation of CoffeeScript in the: coffeescript filter, and fixes a bug where Scalate distro did not include all the jars required for textile support. A Scala 2.8.1 distribution of Scalate is also now available, for developers working with Play and other Scala 2.8.x projects. More information is available at the Changelog.


New Implementations for Trove 3.0

Version 3.0.0 of the Trove library has been released. Trove aims to provide free implementations of the java.util Collections API, and provide the same collections support for primitive types, when possible. For this release, Trove has been repackaged, and is now split into sub-packages to support the increasing number of classes. Previously, Trove was only available as a single “gnu.trove” package. However, every class has been moved to a different package, which should allow earlier versions of the library to co-exist with Trove 3.x. There are also new interfaces for “nearly every” class, which allows Trove to provide additional implementations. Trove 3.0 can be downloaded now.


The Document Foundation Launch Public Repository

The Document Foundation have announced a new public repository for the LibreOffice office productivity suite, plus and other compatible office suites. The repository was created in cooperation with the Plone community. The offered extensions are monitored via a community-based review process, whereby community volunteers test and review the available extensions. The new site is currently in public beta testing, for extensions and templates.

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