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Sneak Peek at Nexus 1.9 and CloudBees Acquire Stax Networks

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, JSF – still relevant?

JSF – “Still Relevant”

According to the specification lead for JavaServer Faces, Ed Burns, JSF is still relevant, despite being more than six years old. This is due to the new features in JSF 2.0, which Ed Burns believes make JSF unique: ” I can confidently say that no other server-side Java framework has as simple and powerful Ajax integration as JSF 2.0.” He also talks about the composite feature, which he views as enabling “true” UI abstraction for the first time in Java EE. The JSF team are currently drafting the JSR for JSF 2.2.

CloudBees Acquire Stax Networks

CloudBees have acquired Java PaaS company Stax Networks.

“What that means is that CloudBees is now the first and only JVM-based PaaS that spans the entire application lifecycle, from development, build, test to production, in a completely integrated fashion, in the cloud. This clearly positions CloudBees as the PaaS innovation leader,” reads the press release.

The Stax Networks team will also be joining CloudBees.

JSON-lib 2.4 Moves to GitHub

JSON-lib has reached version 2.4. JSON-lib is a Java library for transforming maps, beans and XML to JSON, and then back again to beans and DynaBeans. With this release, bean processors can now use json-lib’s default processor, and the support for parsing numbers has been enhanced. The project’s source code has moved to github.

DataNucleus AccessPlatform Reaches 2.2

Version 2.2 of the DataNucleus AccessPlatform has been announced. This tool provides persistence and retrieval of data, and allows access to a range of datastores using both JDO and JPA. In JDO, DataNucleus AccessPlatform now supports specifying the position of a column and specifying the allocation size and initial value of a sequence. When it comes to JPA, fetch plans/group is now supported.

Sneak Peek at Nexus 1.9

The first milestone of Nexus 1.9 has been announced. For this milestone, Sonatype moved from JSecurity to Apache Shiro, and Sonatype are reporting performance improvements in regards to retrieving and deploying artifacts.

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