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Serverless Architecture Conference & API Conference: Early bird ends soon!

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You can attend the Serverless Architecture Conference and the API Conference either on-site in The Hague or remotely from your home office on April 4 – 6, 2022. Learn all about best practices from the experts, attend sessions, keynotes, and workshops, and network with professionals in your field!

Looking to learn more about serverless best practices and API design? Attend the Serverless Architecture Conference and discover how to build great applications, and see what it means to build up a serverless-first mindset with numerous real-world examples. At the API Conference, you’ll learn how microservices, Swagger, GraphQL, API management, and security tools fit into the lifecycle of an API project.

You can attend both conferences on-site in The Hague on April 4 – 6, 2022, or remotely via the live stream from your home or office. Workshops and sessions are streamed live so you can work remotely, from wherever you are, while still having the opportunity to network and get in touch with experts and expo partners.

And best of all: You can access recordings of all sessions after the conference.

Learn about on-site and hybrid attendance for the Serverless Architecture Conference the API Conference here.

Tip: The early bird sale for the Serverless Architecture conference and API Conference ends soon!

Special Offers

Book your tickets now and benefit from the early bird specials until January 27, 2022.

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  • Team discount: Receive an additional 10 % discount when registering with 3 or more persons.
  • Extra specials: Freelancers and employees of scientific institutions benefit from individual offers

Serverless Architecture Conference tracks

Serverless Architecture and Design

When it comes to serverless technologies, even experienced software architects need to re-think many things; serverless architecture patterns and best practices can be quite different from traditional backend technologies. In this track, you’ll learn what it means to build up a serverless-first mindset with numerous real-world examples.

Serverless Development

Serverless platforms allow you to continue developing with familiar programming languages such as Java, C# or JavaScript. However, a plethora of new tools come into play, too – cloud APIs must be learned and best practices internalized. The sessions of this track use a lot of code to teach you how to successfully develop state-of-the-art serverless applications.

Serverless Engineering & Operations

Which tools and technologies help you to test, monitor, and secure your serverless applications? In this track, you’ll get an insight into the latest tools to help you build and maintain scalable, robust, performant, and resilient serverless systems.

API Conference tracks

API Development

In the API Development track, attendees will find everything they need to know about how to develop Web APIs using established programming models such as Java Enterprise and Spring, .NET Framework and C#, JavaScript with Angular and Node.js, and PHP. You will also learn about JSON and GraphQL as well as about RESTful service architectures. API Documentation is another important topic: get deep insights into automated tools such as Swagger and OpenAPI. What about how modern Web APIs are created based on Kubernetes and Docker? We’ve got you covered.

API Management

The API Management track is all about managing complex distributed systems – from policy and identity management to monitoring, all the gaps will be filled and all questions answered. Participants will learn about the discoverability of APIs, versioning, authentification, logging, and analysis of productive Web APIs. Finally, this track will teach attendees how to document, test, and secure APIs and microservices the correct way.

API Design

In an API first world, good API Design is crucial for your success. While API documentation definitely helps, self descriptive and hypermedia driven APIs are even better. In this track, attendees will learn how to create Web APIs, that provide value to its users (a.k.a. developers) and encourages them to make heavy use of your service. Our speakers will make sure that your APIs match the requirements and expectations attached to them not only in current use, but also in future situations. What’s more, renowned speakers will give attendees tips on how to determine exactly how RESTful the APIs should be.

API Platforms & Business

APIs have become a foundation of the fast-paced digital economy. With the rise of SaaS (Software as a Service), the market for developers developing third-party applications for API platforms is growing. However, if you want to offer web APIs to a larger audience, there are a few things to keep in mind. The API Platforms & Business track not only teaches the basics of SaaS-related API platforms, but also highlights the importance of dealing with problems such as load balancing, security, and scalability at an early stage for a successful API business.

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