Simon Phipps Elected Director of OSI


A few days after leaving his post as Chief Open Source Officer at Sun/Oracle, Simon Phipps has been elected as Director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI.) The OSI is a California-based organisation dedicated to the promotion of open source software, and is the driving force behind the Open Source Definition (OSD) for considering whether or not a software license can be considered open source. OSI is the community-recognised body for reviewing and approving licenses as OSD-conformant.

“The OSI still plays a very important and relevant role in the world of software freedom,” Phipps writes at his blog, before proposing several changes he would like to implement when his new role comes into effect. He envisions the OSI as moving away from what he calls a “supreme court” model, and towards a more member-based model. He also wants the OSI to take a more active role in promoting open source within the fields of education and policy development.

Phipps will assume his post on April 1st, 2010.