Interview with Bart Blommaerts, architect at Ordina

Serverless does *not* mean NoOps

JAXenter Editorial Team
Bart Blommaerts

In recent years, the uprise of the cloud has brought us a lot of new and disruptive technologies. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Bart Blommaerts, architect at Ordina at JAX London 2016, about the benefits of serverless computing and his take on the “serverless = NoOps” dilemma. Watch Bart talk about the ABCs of serverless computing!

Serverless computing might be young but it has quickly gained a seat at the big boys table.

This year, JAXenter included serverless computing in the annual survey and the results are quite astonishing — this rather young topic grabbed respondents’ attention. As a result, 34.3 percent of the respondents would love to learn more about it this year.

JAXenter technology trends survey 2017: Results


With this in mind, let’s watch Bart Blommaerts, architect at Ordina, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of serverless computing and the Serverless Framework.


Interview with Bart Blommaerts at JAX London 2016 from JAX TV on Vimeo.


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Bart Blommaerts is a passionate Application Architect, who believes closing the model-code gap is essential to make rapid, agile delivery sustainable. Bart has a strong focus on API design, reuse, automation and security. He is always looking for technical challenges. Bart also is the chairman of the different JWorks Competence Center Leads at Ordina.


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