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The Serverless Framework introduces OpenWhisk support

Gabriela Motroc

It’s official! Developers can now use the OpenWhisk Provider plugin to build applications for the OpenWhisk cloud platform using the Serverless Framework.

Now it’s possible to build OpenWhisk applications with the Serverless Framework. Serverless team announced in a recent blog post that the official OpenWhisk Provider Plugin allows developers to build applications for the OpenWhisk cloud platform using the Serverless Framework.

Learn more about how to use the plugin in this video:

The Serverless Framework ❤ OpenWhisk

This news comes as no surprise since it was announced after the Serverless Framework v1 release that multi-provider support was one of the goals. Developers using the Serverless Framework can now choose to deploy their Serverless apps to any OpenWhisk platform instance. Other advantages of multi-provider support include the following: it simplifies the process of moving applications between cloud providers is simplified and enables the development of multi-cloud Serverless apps.

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Furthermore, developers don’t have to learn custom commands or syntax for each platform since the Serverless workflow and developer experience is consistent across all providers. Account credentials for OpenWhisk can be provided through a configuration file or environment variables. This plugin requires the API endpoint, namespace and authentication credentials.

You’ll find OpenWhisk in the Serverless Docs, including a guide to building Serverless applications, CLI command reference, platform event support and an example application.

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