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Server-side Swift for Java developers

JAX Editorial Team

Is Swift the future for server applications or is it just a passing trend? In this session, Ian Partridge gives an introduction to server-side Swift applications for Java developers.

Interested in Swift?

This session gives you an introduction to the Swift language, where and when you might use it, and see how it compares when building a real application server application in Swift and Java.

The range of languages and frameworks that are available for building server applications has exploded over the last few years, with the most recent of these being the Swift programming language from Apple that was originally designed for iOS devices, which is now being labeled as the fastest growing language.

Is Swift the future for server applications, meaning that you should stop developing Java server applications, or is it just a passing fad?

Ian Partridge is a senior software engineer in Swift@IBM, with a strong background in enterprise Java. One of the original authors of the garbage collectors in IBM’s JVM, he went on to develop tools for debugging and analyzing Java EE applications. Now working to bring the Swift programming language to the server, he has a unique perspective on the evolving state of the server-side ecosystem.


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