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Selenium 2.0 Released With New WebDriver APIs

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Spring Roo 1.1.5 released.

Selenium 2.0 Released With New WebDriver APIs

Version 2.0 of the Selenium toolsuite for web application testing, has been released. This release supports Firefox 5 and IE 9, and introduces WebDriver APIs for Python, Ruby, Java and C#. According to the release announcement, the Selenium team expect the APIs to change very little, from this point onwards. With this update, the standalone selenium server also includes support for distributed testing via Selenium Grid, which supports testing using both the original Selenium API and WebDriver. At the release announcement, Selenium 2 is described as a drop-in replacement for Selenium 1.

Selenium IDE 1.1.0 is expected to be released next week, and will support the new features and APIs of Selenium 2.0.


New Alpha Ahead of Apache Subversion 1.7.0

Apache Subversion 1.7.0-alpha3 has been released. The upcoming 1.7.0 release will introduce a new subcommand called svn patch, which will apply patch files in unidiff format to a working copy. It will also introduce a new ‘svnrdump. svnrdump’ tool, which will replicate the functionality of svnadmin dump and svnadmin load, but instead of needing administrator access to the source or target repository, it works on remote repositories. The alpha can be downloaded now.


Spring Roo 1.1.5 Updates GWT and GAE

Spring Roo 1.1.5 has been announced. This release adds a –scope option in “dependency add” command, and –scope to maven dependency command, and enhances the comparability of pom related elements. GWT had been updated to 2.3.0, and GAE to version 1.5.0. There is also a list of bug fixes, which can be read in full at the Release Notes.

The next release of Roo will be 1.2.0.RC1, and will introduce new features, such as application layering support and a new JSF UI option.


Felix Team Update Bundle Repository and maven-bundle-plugin

The Felix team have released maven-bundle-plugin version 2.3.5 and Bundle Repository 1.6.6. Maven-bundle-plugin 2.3.5 adds a new goal to save bnd instructions that would be passed onto bnd, which allows people to use other toolchains, for example, bndtools. Meanwhile, Bundle Repository 1.6.6 fixes bugs, including the host name getting lost in exceptions when dealing with Windows shared drives. The two releases can be downloaded now from the Apache Felix page.

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