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Second RC for Scala 2.9

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Wayne Beaton proposes Eclipse Security Team.

Second RC for Scala 2.9

The second release candidate of Scala 2.9 has been made available. The Scala 2.9 codebase features a new ‘par’ method that allows collections to be converted into a corresponding parallel collection. Depending on the collection in question, ‘par’ may require copying the underlying dataset to create a parallel collection. It also introduces an alternative to the previous Application trait, ‘App trait,’ and an ‘DelayedInit trait’ that provides a tool for customising the initialisation sequences of classes and objects. The @strictfp annotation is also now supported. Scala 2.9 RC2 can be downloaded now.

Eclipse Security Team Proposed

Wayne Beaton has proposed an ‘Eclipse Security Team‘ to deal with issues related to security. He suggests that this team should consist of Webmaster, Director of Open Source Projects and at least one representative from each PMC. He envisions this team operating their own email address and guaranteeing a response to emails within three business days. “Having a Security Team in place will–at a minimum–provide a valuable channel for communication of vulnerabilities within the project structure,” he says.

KDE Gets Most Accepted Proposals for Google Summer of Code

The accepted proposals for Google Summer of Code 2011 have been posted, and senior technical staff member at IBM Bob Balfe, has created a spreadsheet dividing the proposals between the various open source projects. In the number one spot, is the KDE graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations, with 51 accepted proposals, with the Apache Software Foundation in second place with 41.

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