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Second Alpha from jQuery Mobile and Google Update SWF-Spotting Technology

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, preview 7 of MonoDroid is released.

jQuery Mobile Project Releases Second Alpha

The jQuery Mobile project are celebrating their second alpha release. About 200 tickets have been closed since the 1.0 Alpha 1 release, and Alpha 2 users can call refresh on a list view for when new items are added, to apply the list view styling. This new refresh functionality has also been added to select menus, and users can now navigate through the select menu using their keyboard. Much of the handling for loading new pages has been overhauled, and all of the relevant jQuery Mobile widgets have moved over to building off of the jQuery UI Widget Factory. Please note that jQuery Mobile 1.0 Alpha 2 requires jQuery 1.4.4.

One more alpha or beta is currently planned for release before the end of the year, with the 1.0 release scheduled for January.

Google Updates SWF-Spotting Technology

Google have blogged about improvements they have made to their SWF indexing capabilities. They have improved the way JavaScript is handled, meaning they are now “significantly better” at indexing sites that use JavaScript to embed SWF content. The service’s video indexing technology has also been updated, meaning that extraction of metadata – such as alternate thumbnails from Flash technology based videos – should be improved. “All in all, our SWF indexing technology now allows us to see content from SWF files on hundreds of millions of pages across the web,” reads the blog.

MonoDroid Preview 7

Preview 7 of MonoDroid has been released. Activities no longer require proxies to allow mono runtime initialisation, and the Mono Runtime service is not required in order to launch apps. Assemblies are now stored uncompressed within the .apk and loaded from the .apk during app startup, whereas from Preview 5 assemblies were named to match the lib*.so glob, and placed into the lib/ABI directory within the .apk. Please note that this preview has a new shared runtime, and there are a number of breaking changes in this release.

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