Seam Gets Social

Seam Social Interview

Jessica Thornsby

Seam social “interact from a Java EE application with social services like Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn……”

Seam Social is a new Seam module for managing connections to social networks. In this interview, JAXenter speaks to Technical Manager at Ippon Technologies, Antoine Sabot-Durand, on the Seam Social module……

JAXenter: Can you give us an introduction to the Seam Social project?

Antoine Sabot-Durand: The purpose of Seam Social is to provide an easy way to interact from a Java EE 6 application with social services like Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn, etc… More specifically, it is build as a CDI (JSR-299) extension so it could be used in a Java EE 6 compliant container or in a Java SE CDI engine. The first goal is to provide identification mechanism against those service and in a second time, a convenient interface to deal with those service (post status update or deal with contact list for instance).

It’ll enter the JBoss Seam umbrella this week and will be part of this CDI extension. Like other Seam extension it is not tied to a specific CDI implementation and can be run on any Java EE 6 server.

JAXenter: Which social networks will Seam Social support?

Antoine Sabot-Durand: There is no definitive roadmap regarding the supported social network but I can already give this list :


JAXenter: What technology is at work in Seam Social?

Antoine Sabot-Durand: Seam social depends on other Seam modules like Seam Solder and Seam Config. It also relies on Scribe Java for the OAuth mechanism and will exploit Jackson for JSON to
java mapping.

JAXenter: Seam Social was recently established on GitHub. What are the next steps for this project?

Antoine Sabot-Durand: As I said, it will join the other Seam 3 projects this week and there probably will be a common effort with Seam security Team to have a common solution about OAuth identification. Seam social won’t be released with the Seam 3.0, due in the coming weeks, but could be part of Seam 3.1 later this year.

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