Seam Security 3.0.0.Alpha1

Seam 2 Security Features Get Major Rework for 3.0.0.Alpha1 Release

Jessica Thornsby

Seam Security 3 integrates with PicketLine.

The first major rework of the security features from the Seam 2 series have been released, with the Seam Security 3.0.0.Alpha1 release. This Seam 3 module is split into API and IMPL sub-modules, and core components, for example Identity and Credentials, are now based on interfaces. Seam Security now integrates with PicketLink, by providing a JPA implementation called JpaIdentityStore. The module has also adopted the PicketLine Identity API, making use of the base PicketLink classes for User, Role and Group. The @Restrict annotation has been removed from Seam 3, stating that the EL-based security mechanism did not offer the kind of type safety that the CDI programming model encourages.

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